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Walk the antique and art walk

Discover the shopping opportunities that Nanton has to offer.

Be ready to walk the walk.

Find the treasures that Nanton stores and galleries have to offer.

The Antique and Art Walk of Alberta is revitalizing as only Nanton can.

Whether you’re out for a weekend getaway, searching for that long-lost keepsake from your past, or just on the hunt for something unique to take home, Nanton’s famous Antique and Art Walk has something to offer everyone.

Pick up a brochure at Nanton shops or visitor’s information centre, or check out the Antique and Art Walk website at for this self-directed tour. You can walk the walk whenever you want, or as often as you want. And believe us, you’ll walk the walk again and again!

Nanton’s numerous antique shops offer a veritable goldmine of yesterday’s treasures at reasonable prices.

From collectables and books to specialty and themed shops, there’s something here for every antique hunter.

Nanton’s famous antique shops offer all varieties of old world items such as books, collectables, china, jewelry, toys, clothing, tools, furniture, items of local and eastern history; almost anything you can think of can be found in Nanton.

Stroll the galleries and see the incredible southern Alberta talent. We guarantee you’ll find the perfect piece for your home or office.

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