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Vibrant community at the heart of High River

If not for the Highwood River, the Town of High River may never have come into being. Originally a stopping place for First Nations people and explorers, the area served as an easy crossing point over the river.

As a stopping place along the historic Macleod Trail, the area become known as The Crossing, named by travellers heading along the trail to and from Calgary.

From these humble beginnings, a community grew and it officially earned town status in 1906 when the population pushed past 500.

Over the course of the next century, the town continued to grow as its residents made an impact on the area. From John Ware, one of the greatest ranchers in the history of Alberta, to Guy Weadick and George Lane, two of the founders of the world-famous Calgary Stampede, High River residents have played significant roles in the shaping of the region.

Today, High River is a lively community of residents who celebrate its past, present and future.

Murals around town offer a glimpse into the town’s past, from its days as the crossing point of the river to its role in the upbringing of Prime Minister Joe Clark.

The Museum of the Highwood provides visitors with a vivid look into the town’s past through ever-changing exhibits that bring High River’s history to life.

High River is a vibrant cultural community with several art galleries that feature a wide variety of artists, many of whom are proud to call the town an inspiring place to live.

For visitors with a love for sports, there is everything from hockey and baseball to rugby and lacrosse played right here in town.

A leisurely stroll along the Town of High River’s Happy Trails System is an excellent way to pass a sunny afternoon. While exploring the town, one passes through parks and along lakes, giving those who walk the trails a unique view of this beautiful town.

After becoming immersed in High River’s history and art galleries and exploring the great outdoors, visitors can enjoy one of the many excellent restaurants in town. From the iconic Hitchin Post Drive-In to to Evelyn’s Memory Lane Cafe to the Whistle Stop housed in a historic train car, there is plenty to delight the taste buds in the town once known as the Crossing.

No visit to High River would be complete without taking part in the main events the town puts on through the year, including the flourishing River City Classics Show and Shine to Guy Weadick Days and the Little Britches Parade.

High River received national attention last June when it was hard-hit by the 2013 floods that swept across southern Alberta. As the town approaches the one-year anniversary of the event this June, High River is pulling together for a community-wide celebration of the strength and resilience that have allowed the community to pull through difficult times and forge ahead towards a bright future.

High River is indeed a treat for the senses. Come visit us and it is sure to be a trip you’ll never forget.

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