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Town’s unique history revealed in walking tour

Visitors eager to learn a little history behind some of Black Diamond’s unique buildings can take to the streets for its Historic Walking Tour any time of the year.

Informative plaques are placed on 18 historic buildings throughout the downtown core outlining interesting facts about each of the buildings including the stories behind them, where the buildings came from, what kind of businesses they housed and what impact they had on the community.

For instance, the Black Diamond Gallery previously served as a hotel, boarding house, butcher shop, clothing store, furniture and appliance store, and tack supply shop. It was built in 1929 by George Becker and his sons, who rented out the upstairs rooms and half of the main floor, calling it the Palliser Hotel West.

Mary Carlson, a widowed immigrant from Russia, purchased the property while raising four sons and opened Carlson’s Boarding House. Carlson became one of the most successful business people in town, owning 14 rental properties in the 1930s and 1940s.
Many of Black Diamond’s downtown buildings had been transported from other locations in the region. Therefore, the Historic Walking Tour adds another interesting tourism element to the community while highlighting the region’s rich history.

The tour also offers an opportunity for visitors to experience Black Diamond’s culinary flavours and boutique shopping.

The locations of the historic buildings are published on a visitors’ map in Black Diamond’s business directory located at various businesses throughout downtown.

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