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Summer fun brings a ‘Little New York’ to Longview


The 52nd annual Little New York Daze weekend will bring residents of Longview, Alta. and visitors alike
several events to please any crowd.

The event will run in conjunction with the Longview Rodeo, which will be held July 23. Little New York Daze will host activities throughout the entire weekend beginning July 22.

“We are getting the mutton busting back in; there are going to be kids activities at the school,” said Aaron Lyons, president of the Little New York Daze committee. “We have a group called Spectacle Blue that’s going to be performing. They are like a
trapeze (group).”

All of the events will occur following the pancake breakfast and parade, which is a resident favourite.

“It’s a good parade,” Lyons noted. “There are a lot of entries and it’s one of the only parades you get to see twice. It goes up one side of the street and back down the other one.”

Other events include the horseshoe toss, a magician and a ball tournament that begins Friday evening among other things.

“This year we are looking to get fireworks for Saturday night and, on Sunday, Eva and Cody will play music in the park,” Lyons said.

In the past, the Little New York Daze weekend has had fantastic weather, Lyons noted. This year, the committee hopes for the same.

“It’s usually a nice weekend too,” he said. “We have been lucky and have had good weather every year that we have done it.”

Little New York Daze will be held July 22 to 24 within the Village of Longview, while rodeo events will
occur north of the community.

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