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Reboot High River a toast to town’s success


With June 20, 2014 marking the one-year anniversary of the devastating flood that ravaged through High River, local residents and the Town of High River have banded together to plan 12 days of celebration to recognize what the community has accomplished in the last year.

Called Reboot High River, the event is scheduled to begin on June 20 and run until High River’s Canada Day fireworks display on the evening of July 1.

“When your computer crashes and you have to reboot the machine and rewrite that novel… sometimes it comes out a little bit better the second time around and now we have a unique opportunity to boost people’s spirits and to change the atmosphere in High River a little bit for June,” said event organizer and High River resident Heather Pearl. “We’re rebuilding the town and it’s up to us as members of the community to help rebuild each other. We want to rebuild High River from the people up.”

With input from the community, the event will offer a variety of events and activities throughout the town to celebrate its success and resiliency.

“We want to have lots of barbecues and block parties, and we know that the Town is also planning many events, which are running in conjunction with us,” said Pearl.

For more information, visit Reboot High River’s Facebook page or email


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