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Off-leash park a popular spot for pets

Okotoks dogs have room to roam at the town’s off-leash park.

The park is located at the top of the river valley escarpment north of the Seaman Stadium.

The park is enclosed by a fence and the Town of Okotoks has placed bag dispensers and garbage bins in various locations throughout the park.

Parking is available just off 32 Street and Stockton Avenue at the bottom of the river valley. The park is accessed from the south by walking up a short trail to the top of the hill. It can also be accessed from the Town’s pathway network on the north side.
The off-leash park is the only place in Okotoks where people can legally walk their dogs without a leash.

Please remember to pick up after your pooch. The fine for not picking up after your dog in Okotoks is $100 for the first offense and $200 for a second offense within six months.

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