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Longview Steakhouse one of the world’s best

For over 20 years the Longview Steakhouse and Country Inn has been a delicious fixture of the foothills region. From their humble beginnings along Longview’s main thoroughfair, the restaurant has opened in a newly constructed location overlooking the majestic Rocky Mountains, perched above the village to the northeast.

A modern yet fittingly rustic ambiance greets patrons to the 45-seat dining room inspired by the surrounding landscape.

“The idea was to create a destination,” explains chef Karim Belmoufid, “to make a footprint next to Kananaskis and the Bar U Ranch.”

The new destination will now accommodate guests in six new standard rooms and one deluxe suite. Diners can now enjoy a sumptuous meal and relax for the night in the luxury of the rustic European, Mediterranean decorated guest rooms, which are inspired by the owner’s Moroccan upbringing.

Recently named by Conde Nast as one of the world’s best steakhouses, Belmoufid remains humble about their accolades.

“We strive for an elevated, honest presentation. We’re not pretentious, and try to make our guests feel comfortable,” says Belmoufid.

The steakhouse is using a new dry aging technique that introduces more flavor to the cuts. However, the restaurant is not a one hit wonder.

One of the famous dishes is the Chicken Pastille. Slow cooked chicken stewed with saffron, garlic and cinnamon wrapped in phyllo pastry. While the cuisine is rooted in classic French cooking, there is a distinct play on spices that compliment the Moroccan heritage of the family owners.

Honest food with honest service is the mission of the Longview Steakhouse. Experiencing the revitalization of their exquisite restaurant is certainly a must when visiting Longview.

Caption: The Longview Steakhouse and Country Inn was named one of the best steak houses in the world by Conde Nast.

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