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History comes alive at Claresholm Museum

When you’re driving through Claresholm, you’re bound to pass the museum and visitor information centre in the middle of town right on Highway 2. It’s a prime opportunity to enjoy the history and tradition of the area, and find out where you need to go. The visitor information centre has a wide range of brochures, pamphlets, and booklets covering attractions across Alberta.

The exhibit hall is located directly east of the museum and visitor information building, and contains a variety of exhibits focusing on various aspects of the community’s history, including a vintage fire engine, wooden school bus, and an early flight simulator.

Another summer event that has become a tradition at the museum is the annual tea on the lawn, set for Saturday, Aug. 9.

Also located on the museum grounds are a schoolhouse dating from 1903, a train caboose, and an early log cabin.

The museum itself is housed in what used to be half of Calgary’s sandstone train station. The original being split in two with the other half being sent to serve as the station in High River. The building has housed the museum since 1969 and has been designated a Provincial Historic Resource.

The museum and visitor information centre opens the May long weekend, and is open throughout the summer until the Thanksgiving weekend.

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