Downtown getting a new look

Turner Valley’s downtown will undergo a transformation over the next few years with the construction of a multi-million dollar block of businesses and recreational services.

The plan proposes the construction of an outdoor café, sunken plaza, indoor shops, farmers’ market, motorcycle rest area, community centre and visitor information centre north and east of the Sheep River Library.

“I’m really looking forward to being able to establish some partnerships and being able to go ahead,” said Turner Valley Mayor Kelly Tuck. “We need to have a clear direction for the town.”

The plan is a high priority for the Town of Turner Valley in its goal to attract tourism and businesses to its little community.

“I anticipate development over the next four years but I’m not clear what that’s going to look like right now because it’s going to come to dollars and identifying new or existing businesses that want to build on that side of town,” she said.

The Town began work on the project after allocating $218,000 last year to install a water main this spring to service the town square and the Foothills Lions Club Spray Park, expected to begin operation in June.

The downtown plan has the buildings framing a sunken plaza in the centre, with 270 parking stalls on the outer perimeter.

“It’s going to draw people to the centre,” Tuck said. “You could be sitting reading a book in the town plaza while your kids are at the spray park. It brings all of those components together.”

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