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Country dining at the Longview Steakhouse


Known for its classic western cuisine and cowboy country feel, the Longview Steakhouse serves up the finest cuts of Alberta beef to visitors searching for an authentic Foothills

The family-run restaurant has been in business for 23 years and is currently operated by brothers Karim and Tarik Belmoufid.

Karim described Longview as a beautiful rural community nestled in the Foothills at the base of the Rocky Mountains.

He said the community has that small town feel.

“It’s a tight knit community, and everyone knows each other,” he added.

The steakhouse moved into its new location on Longview Hill last year, and Karim said the restaurant’s look and feel is reflective of the Foothills atmosphere.

“When people dine here, they get a real sense of the area. We are located on an acreage with ranch land surrounding us,”
he explained.

He said visitors can take in the gorgeous views while dining in an authentic
country environment.

“The new restaurant was designed in a way to reflect the nuances of western hospitality (with) a farmhouse ceiling, floral table cloths and rustic wood finishing,” he added.

Along with the views and atmosphere, Karim said visitors come to sample some of Alberta’s finest steaks sourced mostly from local ranchers.

“What better place to showcase the steak than where it’s raised?” he said.

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