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BMX takes flight in Okotoks

High speed, jumps, twists and turns can be found at the Okotoks BMX track where foothills families come to play.

“It’s a quick track,” said Ken McAlister, Okotoks BMX Club spokesman. “We’ve got a great rhythm section and some high banking corners and we have a pretty good start hill. Everybody has a lot of fun on it.”

The terrific track is located by the intersection of 32 Street and North Railway Street. It is open to the public and is home to the Okotoks BMX Club.

The track is available for use by riders everyday during the summer months, except for during race days and club events, which are typically on Wednesdays. However, people are encouraged not to use the track when it’s wet to prevent damage.

According to McAlister, the track is geared primarily for novice and intermediate level riders.

“There are a few obstacles on there that may not be too much of a challenge for the experts, but there is an opportunity there for experts,” he said.

The club installed a new starting gate and has a state of the art clubhouse.

The racing starts for club members in early May and continues throughout the summer and early fall.

BMX is a family event, with moms, dads and their children pedaling and getting air at the track.

The course is well monitored and there are first-aid providers for the meets.

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